Our business model relies on a combination of In-house, Commercial Bank Funding, and Private Investment Funds for property acquisitions and project expenses. As such, we maintain a small pool of private investors (most of whom are repeat investors) and we occasionally have openings for new investors. While it is a risk venture, most projects pay on average a 14-24% ROI over a 9 to 18 month investment window. Investors typically buy-in between $25,000 and $1 million in cash, and most projects have a 12 month average before initial equity payback and profit sharing begins. All investments are made on a project by project basis, and various projects will have different projected ROI’s and turn-around time frames.

Please contact us at (401) 619-1384, with any questions regarding potential investment interest or with inquires regarding current or upcoming projects. We are more than happy to send information and prospectuses as well as discuss any questions you may have.

We have been developing properties since 2001. Based on previous projects and experience we try to develop initial estimates and projections that are conservative allowing for unforeseen price over-runs to minimally impact the profit margin. We are also very cautious about the current real-estate market. We have studied the local and regional real-estate economy thoroughly and are confident in the viability of our ongoing projects. Our construction and operations budgets are constantly adjusted to account for current and projected fuel costs, rising materials costs, and changes in lending rates.

All investors shall be responsible for their own costs and fees associated with securing their investment funds, as well as their individual income taxes on their share of the profit. The projects will absorb all costs directly related to the development including state tax stamps for sale of real estate and other associated costs. Project costs are subtracted from the proceeds of the unit sales prior to calculating gross profit. All investors will receive a net profit share based on a direct correlation to their percentage of investment. This is real-estate investment and is subject to the variations of the real-estate market. Thomas and Thomas Development, Inc. in no way guarantees the aforementioned profit scenario, and does not guarantee the complete return of initial investment capital. Thomas and Thomas Development makes every attempt to preserve the security of investors’ funds through proper business management, insurance coverage, and licensing. Thomas and Thomas Development does agree to provide, in the case of non-return of full amount of investment capital, a share in real property title (in the subject investment property) commensurate to the percentage of investment compared to other investors on the same project.