Green Designs

Green & Sustainable Design

While Thomas and Thomas Development, Inc. has always been 'Green' in spirit and practice, we are reinforcing that ethic in ourselves and our company and are striving to include as many Green and Sustainable elements in our upcoming projects as we can.

We are strong believers in using Sustainable materials and Green products and even in our past and current projects tend to use recycled materials when restoring old properties, including recycling in our construction program, use many renewable or natural materials when we can, and use appropriate new materials such as composites or synthetics when their benefit has been proven to last longer and lessen the environmental and social impact of their natural equivalent.

Our projects tend to be heavy in the use of natural finishes like plasters, stone, and wood. We use cork and linoleum flooring when those options are appropriate. We love to find appropriate recycled materials to complement our rehabilitations or enhance our new construction.

We have a very exciting Green / Sustainable project on the boards that we are looking forward to sharing - please come back soon for future developments.

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Bedroom Hall Kitchen Island Kitchen
  Cork Floor Cork Floor