About Us

We envision acquiring properties in order to develop and restore neighborhoods in historic Newport County. We specialize in single family and multi-unit homes in various stages of disrepair that are reducing neighborhood appeal and overall property values. In turn, our customers will have opportunities to purchase high quality homes of varing finish levels. We strive to include affordable housing units in several projects each year and strongly support civic philanthropy. By providing an affordable and profitable product, we promote the development of a highly improved community.

Thomas and Thomas Development, Inc is a real estate development company specializing in multi-unit housing reconstruction and historic building renovation. Since 2001, our fine home, commercial building, and condominium development and restoration projects have reflected the demand for high quality homes of historic value that represent excellent investment potential for prospective buyers and commercial spaces that retail stores or professional companies may occupy with pride.

Founding owners Todd and Jessica Thomas met while completing their degrees at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY. Architectural Designer and Master Builder Todd Thomas understands older buildings, pragmatic and elegant home design, and general construction. Hydro-geologist and Interior Designer Jessica Thomas brings a keen eye to color, style, and landscape. These talents mesh creating new designs for existing spaces that not only recreate or evoke their historical underpinnings but also a cohesive and complimentary flow of space and color and materials throughout the project. Together their approach to historic property choice and modern home design is the backbone of the Thomas and Thomas philosophy: modern classic homes of uncompromising quality and exceptional investment potential. In addition to the founders, Thomas and Thomas Development directly employs project managers and craftspeople who take pride in their work and are knowledgeable in their craft. Outside of the company, Thomas and Thomas Development maintains a team of consultants and sub-contractors who are locally the best in the business and can be depended upon for their quality work, solid reputations, and warranty coverage.

About Thomas & Thomas Properties
Most Thomas and Thomas Development properties are historic, and as such try to incorporate as much original detail as possible staying true to original aesthetics and finishes such as paint colors, mouldings, and flooring, and cabinetry. Other projects are chosen for their potential to provide elegantly pleasant, quality homes. Thomas and Thomas Development uses modern materials when required to recreate a feel appropriate to the architectural time period of the house, for Green Design purposes, or when a space calls for a particular design feeling. Also, often incorporated into these fine projects are many modern features such as updated electrical service including main service, new home runs, and GFI/AFCI installation; HVAC improvements including central air-conditioning and new cutting edge furnaces; new or upgraded plumbing systems including fixtures, drain & supply lines, and new faucets/valves/shutoffs; custom lighting, appliances, new designer cabinets and countertops; and many other appointments such as replaced roofs, new decks, and new plaster ceilings.

Please view our portfolio pages for photographs and samples of our design work. Interested investors are encouraged to contact Thomas and Thomas to receive an investment prospectus on current and upcoming projects.